Words From Our Clients…

“Maria is the best QHHT facilitator one could hope for. Her Spirit is always so optimistic and positive! She made me believe that the impossible was possible. My shoulder is as good as new! Best of all, I no longer need the surgery all the doctors said was the only way to fix my appendage.” –  Tina W., Eureka Springs, AR, USA

“The QHHT session I experienced was extremely comprehensive.  David Rosen kept a completely non-judgmental caring stance the entire time which gave me a feeling of trust. The information gleaned from deep within me is still resonating and keeps showing up as a source of a new inner wisdom I tapped into.  For anyone ready to go really deep and get in touch with the “higher self”, this is the session to go through.” – Marlena Lechner

“Dearest Maria, enormous thanks for our session, it was truly a life changing experience. You are a great practitioner with a beautiful healing energy. I truly recommend a session with you to all those that are seeking for answers, clarity and healing.” – Monica B., Tokyo Japan

“I had some work done with Mr. David and I was very impressed with the way he was able to take me under hypnosis, I had clear memories of this life, and others. Was a great session, and I would highly recommend him, when one is ready to go deeper into his our her own healing.” – Joan LKS

“María es realmente un Angel en esta tierra, mi sesión con ella fue mágica, ella logro que me sientiera comoda y segura al instante. Gracias por compartir tu luz!” Felicitas  – M., Miami FL USA

“QHHT is an absolute mind blowing experience. Coming to QHHT is an essential clearing healing experience for all. If you are looking for clarity and to realign with who you are QHHT is for you. QHHT technique is a transformational self awakening process that is facilitated by the most connected, intuitive beings. David is clearly on his divine path in this work he is intuitive and tuned in to the highest frequencies. This process is literally magical. You come with questions to ask for your higher self and you experience more than is imaginable. This will unravel and piece back together things in your life you weren’t even aware existed. I feel so light , happy and connected to source and LIMITLESS after my session.” – Holly T.