The Marconics Quantum Recalibration is a modality that takes us from a 3-D sensory being to a multi-sensory and multi-dimensional being. By cleansing us and deleting old programs, removing 51% of karma and debris by uncapping, unifying and recalibrating our chakra system. We are being upgrading to a multi-sensory light body and Merkaba connecting us to our Higher Selves and Higher Dimensional Grids of Light. Also, connecting our Axiatonal lines in us and with Mother Earth and the Universe. Just like when we are working on a computer offline to when we have internet access…now we are plugged in.

The recalibration is a must for those seeking to grow, expand and evolve and to take a quantum leap in their own soul growth and ascension process. You can like it to an economy car to a Ferrari; or an airplane to a rocket ship. This modality is like that. I will give you the means to accelerate your life to the absolute best version of you possible on so many levels. It will connect you to your heart, and give you the clarity and courage to pursue your passions, including areas of careers, relationships, hobbies, and dreams. This modality will open yourself to love, freedom, expansion and joy. Of course, nothing is a free ride… As you release your old self, you may feel or go through a brief period of all kind of emotions. You may let go of people, places, or things because they do not longer give you joy. But the breakthrough is astronomical and definitely worth it. After all, we are divine loving beings and deserve to enjoy the happiness, health and abundance of life. When we are in alignment all things are possible. The Marconics Quantum Recalibration is a fast track to bring yourself into your divine alignment.

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David Rosen is a Level III Marconics Quantum Recalibration Practitioner.

This is a one-time procedural that needs to be done in two days, 1 ½ hour session approximately. And in person only. Client must read and consent a Marconics Quantum Recalibration form previous to the session.

Here are the Marconics Forms and Information for you to review and fill out before your session.