The Marconics Advanced No Touch Integration is the most advanced healing tool or vibration/frequency available to us today. The Marconics Energy is run through the Axiatonal lines at various points in the physical body. While this is happening, it raises the level of vibration of a person so much, that instantaneous healing can occur. Also, integration of aspects of our Higher Self can take place while we are dropping density and anchoring more light through our Glandular System. Each session is always different and it is between the client, their Higher Self and the loving Beings working with us who always know what is best for us and what is needed to take place. Basically, we are becoming the best version of ourselves we can be. This is a wonderful way to keep going forward on our evolutionary journey one session at the time. However, due to our daily life, demands and stress, our vibration/frequency can fluctuate. This is why it can be an on-going therapy.

The client can see improvements on every area of the client`s life: work, relationships, money, hobbies, life purpose, including healthy changes on one`s life style. The session can be done in person or remotely.

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Please read and fill-out the Marconics Forms prior to your session.

David Rosen is a certified Advanced No Touch Integration Practitioner.

45 to one hour session- $111.00