What Cranial Temple Activation Is & How Can It Help You

Cranial Temple Activation was indeed handed down through Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron to Colleen Morgan.  She was shown this information and modality in 2012. It is also another 5-dimensional
tool as the Marconics Quantum Recalibration and the Marconics No-Touch Integration to allow us to access the Higher Bands of Vibrations and Frequencies to be able to Heal and Transform and Release Density, Thought-Forms, Old Programs and Ancestral Lineage, Energies and Entities that do not serve us any more. This is a very unique way of being able to Anchor more Light and Ascend to the Higher Levels of Consciousness.

Through this activation we are building the New Human Template. The New Human’s base consciousness is L.I.G.T. This activation will begin the process of formatting the physical cells with that of the Merkaba-Star Octahedron to open the gateway to our next stage of evolution, higher consciousness and other dimensions.  Activating the Cranial Temple enables the Endocrine System to become a portal for the New Human Template.

One-Infinite Light Cranial Temple Activation

I was shown in a Dream part of how this is done as Archangel Micheal said to me, we can read a Soul and know everything about a Soul through the eye, and download New Information through the other Eye. Also by Clearing and Installing new Discs and Geometrical Patterns in our Light Body, for us to receive new information through our DNA and Cellular Structure Level. Basically, we can think of this like working with our Computer when we hit Clear and Delete functions. This is a Modality – that we can have as much or as little as we wish with our Expansion and our Ascension Process to become the best version of us.


David Rosen is a Certified Practitioner
Cranial Temple Activation session is $150.00