Angelic Realm & How We Can Connect With Angels

How can we connect and benefit from the most loving and powerful beings the creator gave to us? Among the many responsibilities the Angels have, is to keep peace, not just with us as humans, but as warriors, guardians, protectors of our world and many others in creation. As there is so much written and mentioned about God’s Angels, they have archangels, guardian angels and angels of all types and specialties. They know us better than we know ourselves because they can see through our energy field and vibrations and frequencies that we emit. They will connect with us in such a loving way, that they know what we can accept and understand in accordance to our belief system.

Since this Universe and Planet is a free will zone, the Angelics will not interfere, unless we ask for help, because they respect our free will so much. However, they will come to our aid if it is necessary. So, one of the best ways to connect with them is to invite them into your life. Talk to them often and ask them for help. Nothing is too big or too small. That is their main job and joy and love to be of service to Creator and us.

They will start to show us signs that they are around us as we develop loving relationships with them, by showing us feathers, repeating numbers, songs, coins, birds, butterflies, or other specific signs related your question or thoughts. They can even whisper in your ear. We also can use the great tool of Angel Oracle cards that are never wrong and work off our vibrations. They are always working for our Highest Good. It is very important to be specific when working with them, asking for our Highest Good, Love and Light, for us and everyone involved.

The Angelics have ranks, specialized jobs and skills, and will give us very gentle, loving information for Healing, Encouragement and Guidance. They really want us to have Peace, Love, Abundance and Health, and are overjoyed when we ask them for Assistance.

David Rosen is a Certified Angel Therapist, and does Angel Therapy Sessions using the Angelic Oracle Cards and Intuitive Guidance through the Angelic Realm, to receive the accurate information the Angels wish you to know and hear to help with your specific questions, issues or needs.

60 Minute Session cost $88.00
30 Minute Session cost $44.00