Beloved One,

Welcome Home!! Thank you for hearing the call, the call of who you really are and why you choose to come here and incarnate on this planet in this point of creation. You are indeed a crucial part and intricate piece of the Divine Plan.

As the second wave of Ascension is waking up, we are thrilled that you are here. We understand that it has not been an easy journey. We honor your commitment to this project. We love and thank you for choosing to be part of this planet`s Ascension.

We have chosen two perfectly-balanced masculine and feminine Beings of Light to help you cope during this transition. They, too, have experienced confusion, ascension symptoms and have asked many questions in their search to become Ascended Masters. It is now their mission to guide, coach and support the new wave of lightworkers presently being awaken and hearing the clarion call.

Allow yourself to ask and receive support from David and Maria. They shall coach and assist you, with ascension and healing tools to help you during your search of finding who you are and what your mission is.

We guarantee that the pain and confusion will pass with time and that you will soon find Paradise in this New Earth, as you too become the Ascended Master you are destined to be.

With Love, Compassion and Understanding,

The Golden Beings of Light

In the Ascension Process Project